HB1999 by House Representative Skye McNiel has now been assigned to the Public Health Committee and could be heard as early as next Tuesday at 1:30. It is imperative that we start calling these committee members starting today OPPOSING HB1999.

What is the difference between SB375 and HB1999. Answer: SB375 would repeal our current horse meat law and if passed would make horse slaughter and consumption of horse meat legal IN Oklahoma.

HB1999 would make it legal to slaughter horses and sell their meat as long as it was out of state or the country and all WITHOUT repealing our current horse meat law. So this bill is critical to defeat and defeat it we will.

We focused on SB375 first because Senators can file unlimited bills and House members are only allowed 8 bills, the 8th bill being the lowest priority for them. Now that we know HB1999 has been assigned to committee it is time to hit it hard.

Here are all the committee members. Be polite, brief, professional and always mention the bill number HB1999 (HB stands for House Bill).

Okay! Let's rock and roll! 10 minutes of your time will make all the difference in the world!

It is appropriate to generate calls to the Chair, Vice Chair and every single member of the committee asking them to oppose HB1999. Names and contact numbers are posted below:

Committee members and phone numbers are:

David Derby, chair- 405-557-7377
Glen Mulready, vice chair 405-557-7340
Jeanne McDaniel 405-557-7334
John Enns 405-557-7321
Mike Shelton 405-557-7367
Arthur Hulbert 405-557-7310
Jon Echols 405-557-7354
Randy Grau 405-557-7360
Rebecca Hamilton 405-557-7397
Mike Ritze 405-557-7338

Below is the link for a version of the bill if you want to read it.