Excerpt from December, 2003 Kaufman High School Lion's Pride Newspaper, Page 6

An Update from Ms. Bacon
What it's like to be the mayor of Kaufman

Q:  What have you done since you became Mayor?

A:  I have spent quite a bit of my energies working to reduce the city's bill for legal fees.  When I took office I discovered that we were spending quite a bit and so, even though I hadn't planned it, that's been a big issue. 

After I was elected I found that the horse slaughter plant was not in compliance with city requirements quite a bit.  I'm still working on that.  There are health and sanitation laws, as well as laws regulating the use of our expensive sewer system that have to be obeyed.  A huge question now in the courts is whether horse slaughter is legal.  For a long time, we in this community were told they only killed horses that were old and sick, but that's not true.  I am hoping the courts will make a decision that supports closing the horse slaughter plant.

I supported a study of Washington Street so that development there is compatible with existing homes and businesses; that way the liquor store, that is surrounded on 3 sides by homes, that some people want to open, would need to open where it would be next to more similar land uses, next to businesses.