May 20, 2004


Actress Bo Derek did it!

State Sen. John Cullerton, who revived the anti-horse slaughter bill, gives Derek credit for not only turning heads . . . but turning the votes of senators who voted it out of the Senate Executive Committee Wednesday afternoon.

Watch for Cullerton not to waste time and place the bill for a vote in the Senate today.

"She gets the credit," said Cullerton, who dined with the actress at the prestigious Sangamo Club Tuesday night along with state Sen. Jim DeLeo and state Rep. Bob Molaro, the original sponsor of the bill.

Derek told the three Dem amigos that her parents were born in Benton and Alton, Ill. Her father was a coal miner and union organizer at the Little Egypt Mine. The actress, who was married for 27 years to actor John Derek -- who was a scandalous 30 years older than she -- is now dating a much younger actor, John Corbett, who starred in ''My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' and was a regular on ''Sex and the City'' as Sarah Jessica Parker's sometime boyfriend.

''She charmed state Senate leader Emil Jones,'' said Cullerton. ''She's not just beautiful. She is very bright and very articulate and was able to make people really listen to why horses shouldn't be slaughtered for human consumption.''

The slaughterhouse . . .

Please note that the Cavel International slaughterhouse in DeKalb, which would become the third such facility to kill horses for consumption overseas, has not started doing so yet. They were to begin this week, but are awaiting legislative word.

''We heard testimony that horses transported to slaughterhouses are injured before they get there and their heads are not sufficiently held down before they're killed, which makes it a very painful death,'' said Cullerton.

Keep those e-mails flooding your legislators, folks. It's not over yet.