Horse racing
November 3, 2003


BACK IN ILLINOIS, today looms as a major day of decision for supporters of a proposed law to ban horse slaughter in the state.

Movement leaders Jan Ely and Janine Starykowicz report that Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) will give final consideration to whether legislation authored by Rep. Bob Molaro (D-Chicago) on the subject will move forward in the state legislature's brief fall veto session. That session begins Tuesday in Springfield.

SAID ELY: ''We are imploring everyone to fax, e-mail or call either Speaker Madigan's office or their local state representative or senator [today] to voice their support that the new law be enacted immediately. It is too important to let slide off the radar.''

Ely, Starykowicz and their associates have been galvanized in recent weeks by the news that Belgian-owned Cavel International was moving forward with the reconstruction of a horse-slaughter plant near DeKalb. The original facility burned down 18 months ago.

Ely said Madigan's e-mail address is . A complete list of e-mail addresses and fax numbers for individual Illinois legislators is available on Starykowicz's racing industry Web site