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Posted 4/14/2004
Irked at Munson's horse slaughter vote
I am very disappointed in 43rd District state Rep. Ruth Munson for her recent
vote against Illinois Senate Bill 1921, which would have banned the slaughter
of horses in Illinois for food. This may allow the resumption of business at
a DeKalb horse slaughterhouse.
The meat processed by this Belgian-owned plant will be shipped overseas to
suit the tastes of people in France and Japan. Opponents to this legislation say
that the slaughterhouse is a "humane" way to "dispose" of these animals.
The horses would be treated like livestock. The problem is that horses are
not livestock.
They are companion animals. They are animals that have stood by Americans
throughout history, helping us fight our wars and work our farms. Horses are our
pets. Many people love and admire these magnificent animals.
I thought not wanting to be responsible for sending thousands of horses to be
butchered for the profits of a foreign company and foreign tastes would be an
easy decision to make.
I was outraged when told Munsons voted against the bill.
Her legislative aide explained that "not many (in District 43) have responded
to the bill." It is disturbing to me that my state representative, the
elected official who is supposed to represent the views of people in her district
like me, would so callously bow down to those opposed to this legislation and
vote against a bill that will effectively lead thousands of horses to be chopped
That is not how this 43rd District constituent wanted himself represented.
There is a slight chance this bill may be reintroduced in the Illinois House
after spring break.
Contact Munson at and demand she support SB1921. In
the unfortunate event this bill isn't reintroduced, those of us who did not
appreciate Munson's stance vote against her this fall.
For a comprehensive overview of this issue, visit
Jeff Dornbos