Chicago Daily Herald
July 31, 2004

From an article summarizing this year's legislative session:

From '10' to zero: Bo Derek was the most high-profile loser this spring.
The 47-year-old former film star campaigned at the Capitol to support a
ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption. She was spurred to act
after learning of plans for a slaughterhouse near DeKalb that will
process horses. The horsemeat isn't eaten here. It's shipped to Europe,
where horses are eaten all the time. Derek and many animal rights groups
are appalled.

The state Senate followed Derek's lead, but the House was not impressed
and voted down the plan in contentious debate that included this
memorable passage from state Rep. Charles Morrow, a Chicago Democrat.

"I wish Bo Derek would bring a horse into Englewood. I've got seniors
eating cat food. Maybe they ought to eat a horse. If you can eat Bo
Peep, Bugs Bunny and Bambi, why can't you eat Mr. Ed?"

As the plan was voted down, Morrow shouted: "Go home, Bo Derek."

Derek's appearance in Springfield did cause quite a stir all around. A
reception in her honor brought out many male lawmakers seeking
autographs only to turn around and vote against her issue.