Updated Monday, October 11, 2004 12:41 PM CDT

DeKalb Daily Chronicle

God bless you, Equine Dreams


I just finished reading Aracely Hernandez's beautiful story about Equine Dreams. I have read about many horse facilities that provide horses as rehabilitation aids for people with developmental disabilities, children who have been physically and mentally abused and children with autism.

What bothers me about this is, why then, if these horses can help these people, are so many horses being taken to the slaughterhouse in DeKalb and the two slaughterhouses in Texas? Pro-slaughter advocates are always wondering what will happen to all the unwanted horses - the horses that are too old and don't have the "spunk" anymore if slaughter is banned. Here is your an-swer! Donate your unwanted horses to such facilities. These are places that don't require a horse to jump fences, cut cows or win races. Why not make it a win-win situation, and instead of slaughtering them, give them to a good home and a good cause!

God bless you, Equine Dreams. You are working miracles. Please keep up the good work you do.