Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
March 29, 2003
Section: Metro
Edition: FINAL
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78th Legislature
Staff and Wire Reports

Quote of the day

"You can start with the quo and give me the quid if you like."

-- State Rep. Harold Dutton, D-Houston, asking state Rep. Joe Nixon to clarify his comment that a "quid pro quo" is needed in order to pass a constitutional amendment for House Bill 4, a lawsuit limitation bill


No horsing around

You can revile French wine. You can canonize chips and salsa. But make a "mane course" out of lawmakers' equine friends and, well, that's a horse of a different color.

State Rep. Betty Brown, R-Terrell, is catching heat from her horse-crazy colleagues in the Texas House for a bill she filed that would make it legal to slaughter horses for the meat -- as long as it's sold in other countries and not here at home. In a chamber filled with ranchers, farmers and horse breeders, Brown is finding out that maybe she should have reined in her legislation.

A few of the comments that are galloping around the House floor about House Bill 1324:

From the stable to the table.

Have you roasted any Chestnuts lately?

Why glue when you can stew?

Give us this day our daily thoroughbred.

Don't make my pony into baloney.

A pony in every pot.

It's the end of the galloping gourmet.

"And when it's time to vote," said state Rep. Susanna Gratia Hupp, R-Lampasas, who raises horses, "we'll all say, 'Naa-a-a-a-a-a-ay.'"