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Ban on horse slaughter stalls in Illinois House
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

A bill that would have stopped horse slaughter in Illinois didnít receive enough votes to pass in the House last week.

Because of that, Rep. Robert Molaro (D-Chicago) used a legislative tactic so he could bring his bill back for another vote later. However, Congress also is considering a ban on horse slaughter for human consumption.

The bill would impact Cavel International, the stateís only horse-slaughtering plant, located in DeKalb. The foreign-owned plant was rebuilt after a 2002 fire and plans to reopen next month.

The plant produces horse meat for export to Europe and Japan; horse consumption by humans is illegal in Illinois.

Rep. Robert Pritchard (R-Sycamore), who represents the district where the plant is located, emphasized the plant provides jobs and tax revenue to the stateís economy.

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