September 15, 2003
Address to Flower Mound, Texas City Council

Hello, I am Sherillyn Flick and I live at 3220 Miracle Lane in Flower Mound.

First, thank you to our special guests who were able to join us this evening: the Honorable Mayor of Kaufman-Paula Bacon, Jay Sabatucci with the Humane Society of the United States, and activist Mary Nash, who lives next door to the Kaufman slaughterhouse. Mary has been a relentless warrior in this fight to protect America's horses.

Also, I want to thank Mayor DeLuca and the rest of our Town Council for recognizing the importance of abolishing the cruel practice of horse slaughter in the United States, for the sole purpose of serving them up on the dinner plates of wealthy Frenchman.

I am pleased to receive this Proclamation, which will be of great interest to the large equestrian community we have here in Flower Mound. Once again, the Town of Flower Mound proves itself as a leader in ideals with this proclamation.

I would like to announce tonight that I have just formed a new group called Just Say Whoa to Horse Slaughter, and I have created a website for this group which should be up and running by tomorrow.

The Just Say Whoa website will be an informational site to raise public awareness about the horse slaughter industry and the cruelty involved from the auction barns all the way to the slaughterhouse floor. It will also contain instructions on ways YOU, the public, can get involved to put a stop to horse slaughter, and addresses to write elected representatives.

Everyone is invited to join by email, and you will receive periodic updates and news about horse slaughter and the progress of HR 857.

The website address is:

The email address to contact me is:

This is a call to action! I invite everyone to join us in this effort to end horse slaughter.