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May 10, 2007

Your immediate help is needed to keep horse slaughter out of Texas.



What's Going On

The Bills introduced by the horse slaughter plants to legalize horse slaughter in Texas have gone nowhere.  They now realize that they cannot legalize horse slaughter in Texas through normal legislative channels and have reverted to a backup strategy trying to amend other legitimate legislation as it works its way through the legislative process. 


We have learned that one primary target for adding an amendment to legalize horse slaughter is HB 2543 which is a bill authorizing the continuation and operation of the Texas Animal Health Commission.  That bill has passed the House of Representatives and is currently in the Senate.  


We also expect them to try to amend other bills as the opportunity arises.  Most of this is likely to take place in the Senate.  We have the votes in the Senate to stop this, but we must make our Senators aware of this strategy and urge them to be on the lookout for and oppose any amendments that would legalize horse slaughter in Texas.  The horse slaughter plants are paying huge sums to high-paid lobbyists to search for ways to get horse slaughter legalized through the backdoor.  WE MUST STOP IT.


Action Needed

Immediately contact every Texas State Senator (other than Senators John Whitmire and Rodney Ellis who have already committed to help us fight the legalization of horse slaughter in Texas.  Also, please don't contact Senator Glenn Hegar, Jr.'s office as well.)


Tell the Senators that you strongly oppose the slaughter of our horses for human consumption abroad and ask them to look for and oppose any amendment to HB 2543 or any other bill that would legalize horse slaughter in Texas.


Talking Points

When talking with the Senators remind them of the following facts:


      Red Horse      Horse slaughter for human consumption has been banned in Texas since 1949.


      Red Horse      No matter what anyone says, horse slaughter and the related transportation of horses to slaughter is extremely cruel and inhumane.  Slaughter is not euthanasia, it is slaughter!


      Red Horse    When the horse slaughter plants attempted to legalize horse slaughter in 2003, a Texas voter poll was taken which showed that 72% of Texans oppose horse slaughter for human consumption; 8 to 1 Texans associate the value of horses with Texas state culture, heritage and economy rather than as a livestock commodity like cattle; and 77% would vote against any member of the legislature who supported a repeal of the existing Texas law banning horse slaughter.


       Red Horse    Horse slaughter plants are a drain on the local economy.  The two Texas horse slaughter plants are foreign owned and employ less than 130 low-paid, mostly migrant workers.  They require USDA oversight of the slaughtering process costing US taxpayers hundred of thousands of dollars.  The horse slaughter plants gross millions of dollars each year, but by using accounting loopholes they pay little or no US taxes sending all their profits to their foreign owners. 


       Red Horse    Horse slaughter promotes horse theft, bragging "from the stable to the table in forty-eight hours," healthy horses are stolen, butchered and their meat exported within hours.  It's virtually impossible to save a stolen horse from slaughter given this short time frame.  Horse theft in California dropped by over 34% immediately after that state banned horse slaughter and has continued to drop steadily by over 80% in 2005.


America's Horses Are Counting On You. 

Please contact these Texas Senators IMMEDIATELY and ask your friends to do the same.  Their contact information is as follows:


Texas Senate

The mailing address for all Senators in Austin is:

            P.O. Box 12068
            Austin, Texas 78711-2068


Phone, fax and email are below:


Phone / Fax    Email


Kip Averitt (R)   
  (512) 463-0122 / 475-3729 
Kenneth "Kim" Brimer (R)
  (512) 463-0110 / 475-3745 
John J. Carona (R)
  (512) 463-0116 / 463-3135 
Robert F. Deuell (R)
  (512) 463-0102 / 463-7202 
Robert Duncan (R)
  (512) 463-0128 / 463-2424 
Kevin P. Eltife (R)
  (512) 463-0101 / 475-3751 
Craig Estes (R)
  (512) 463-0130 / 463-8874 
Troy Fraser (R)
  (512) 463-0124 / 475-3732 
Mario Gallegos (D)
  (512) 463-0106 / 463-0346 
Chris Harris (R)
  (512) 463-0109 / 463-7003 
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (D)
  (512) 463-0120 / 463-0229 
Mike Jackson (R)
  (512) 463-0111 / 475-3727 
Kyle Janek (R)
  (512) 463-0117 / 463-0639 
Eddie Lucio (D)
  (512) 463-0127 / 463-0061 
Jane Nelson (R)
  (512) 463-0112 / 463-0923 
Robert Nichols (R)
  (512) 463-0103 / 463-1526 
Steve Ogden (R)
  (512) 463-0105 / 463-5713 
Dan Patrick (R)
  (512) 463-0107                     
Kel Seliger (R)
  (512) 463-0131 / 475-3733 
Florence Shapiro (R)
  (512) 463-0108 / 463-7579 
Eliot Shapleigh (D)
  (512) 463-0129 / 463-0218 
Carlos I. Uresti (D)
  (512) 463-0119 / 463-1017 
Leticia Van de Putte (D)
  (512) 463-0126 / 463-2114 
Kirk Watson (D)
  (512) 463-0114 / 463-5949 
Jeff Wentworth (R)
  (512) 463-0125 / 463-7794 
Royce West (D)
  (512) 463-0123 / 463-0299 
Tommy Williams (R)
  (512) 463-0104 / 463-6373 
Judith Zaffirini (D)
  (512) 463-0121 / 475-3738 


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