Daily Herald Reports
Posted 12/23/03

Ban horse slaughter for food in Illinois
Did you know that horses are being slaughtered in the United States and their meat is being shipped overseas for people to eat as a delicacy?

Did you know that a Belgian company is trying to open a horse slaughterhouse in DeKalb in February?

As Americans, we do not eat horses, and we do not raise them for food. In fact, Illinois Statute 510 ILCS 70/2.01a says horses are companion animals, as are dogs and cats.

Would we let foreign companies come into the United States and open up slaughterhouses for dogs and cats to ship their meat to other countries to be eaten? Of course not. Our horses deserve the same protection.

Horse slaughter is a big issue. It affects not just DeKalb, but all of Illinois. We have the opportunity to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption as well as the exportation of horses for slaughter.

This opportunity can be found in Senate Bill 1921, which will be debated in the Illinois House in January.

Your support is urgently needed for this bill. Please contact as many Illinois representatives and senators as you can, asking them to support SB 1921!

Lori Hackman