Horse Slaughter
for Human Consumption
is a CRIME in
Texas !

But if Kaufman State Representative Betty Brown has her way, Texas will become the horse slaughter capitol of the United States , LEGALLY.  

Perhaps if Betty Brown knew the REAL TRUTH about Horse Slaughter in Kaufman County , she would change her mind…..


Betty, the truth is...
Dallas Crown, the horse slaughter plant in Kaufman, is one of only two horse slaughter plants in the entire United States .  The other is Beltex in Fort Worth , Texas . 

Betty, the truth is...Dallas Crown is owned by a French company and Beltex by a Belgian company and all profits from horse slaughter in Texas go to those foreign companies. 

Betty, the truth is...All horsemeat produced at these slaughter plants is sent to France , Belgium , Germany and Japan .  In other words, they are killing our horses to feed the French, Belgians, Germans and Japanese.  A French horsemeat butcher was quoted in The International Herald of Taste as saying: “I only buy American meat, which is red and firm.  In butchering terms we call it ‘well-structured’, the best you can get.  Out of a thousand animals, only the American ones are really worth buying.  But they don’t eat horsemeat in America .  They raise horses for foreigners.”

Betty, the truth is...The horses slaughtered at Dallas Crown are not old, sick or lame horses but, instead, are young, healthy American horses bought by killer buyers who attend horse auctions where they compete with families and horse brokers looking for good, sound horses.  

Betty, the truth is...Last year these plants slaughtered 42,312 horses by slitting the throats of young American horses brought to them by killer buyers.  Last year their sales of horsemeat

France , Belgium , Germany and Japan exceeded $40,000,000.  Thus, the French and Belgians are making millions slaughtering our horses.

Betty, the truth is...
The Texas Attorney General has ruled that the sale of horsemeat for human consumption is a criminal offense.  In other words, these horse slaughter plants that kill thousands of American horses to satisfy the palates of the French, Belgians, Germans and Japanese and make millions of dollars for the French and Belgians are illegal!   See Texas Attorney General Opinion No. JC-0539 dated August 7, 2002 .  

Whether or not Betty Brown is ready for the truth, if you are outraged by the senseless slaughter of young healthy horses… if you are outraged that they have their throats slit while still alive so their hearts can pump the blood from their bodies… there is something you can do.

Habitat for Horses is working to stop Betty Brown’s cruel and inhumane horse slaughter bill, House Bill 1324. Email Betty Brown at, call her at 512-463-0458 or fax her at 512/463-2040 and ask her to withdraw her HB 1324 that would legalize horse slaughter in Texas for human consumption in Europe and Asia .

P. O. Box 213
Hitchcock , TX   77563