From: Chris Heyde
To: Mary S. Nash or Nash Hulme
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 7:19 AM
Subject: Update on the AHSPA in the 109th Congress
We continue to gain cosponsors on the AHSPA, but always need more, especially some from the House  Energy and Commerce Committee  This is the primary committee of jurisdiction for the AHSPA and  last year a majority of its members cosponsored the bill Everyone should contact members of this committee who haven't cosponsored the AHSPA and ask them to do so this year.  The chairman of this committee is Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX).  Everyone should contact him and politely ask that he hold hearings as soon as possible. 

Everyone has to remember that this is going to take some time.  Working on federal legislation is a much longer process than that witnessed in Texas or in any state.  The US Congress is in session basically year round.  Each Congress is made up of two sessions lasting a year each (there are recesses, but none are set in stone and can change).  Currently we are in the first session of the 109th Congress.  We can never let up in contacting members and spreading the word about this bill.  The more people learn about this bill the better our chances are to pass it swiftly.  
In addition to writing your legislators and spreading the word, it is important to contact your local television and print media.  This will help to inform a wider audience as well.  Refer to our site for facts and materials on the issue so we all present a unified message.
 If there are veterinarians and organizations interested in helping support the bill please have them contact me directly at  We have a growing list of organizations and veterinarians which is very helpful when talking to members of Congress.  A few pro-horse slaughter organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Association of Equine Practitioners are not representing their membership on this (which is supportive) and continues to mislead Congress about the issue of horse slaughter.
I will be sure to keep you informed for when we need an all out push as we did towards the end in Texas.  In the mean time, we can not let up.  
Feel free to give anyone my email address to answer any questions.  I also try to keep our website up to date on the AHSPA and legislation restoring protections to our wild horses.  People can find a link to the bill and an up to date list of cosponsors.       
Thanks again, if we can duplicate the incredible efforts from Texas horse slaughter will no longer exist in the US.  
Best, Chris
Chris Heyde
Policy Analyst
Society for Animal Protective Legislation
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