October 1, 2003


Contact: Ken Lipinski, 708-354-2121


State Rep. Bob Molaro, of the 21st District, which includes the far southwest side of Chicago and the western suburbs, will introduce legislation that would bar the slaughter of horses in Illinois. It wouldn't be the first time Molaro has taken on businesses that attempt to make money from killing of animals. While in the Illinois Senate, Molaro sponsored and passed legislation outlawing hunting farms in Illinois. These were farms that would release wild animals (lions, tigers, etc.) into a fenced in area and then charge hunters huge fees to enter the area and hunt these cornered animals down. The hunting farms purchased these animals primarily from zoos who would sell older animals who had served their purpose at the zoo. Molaro's legislation put a halt to hunting farms in Illinois.

Once again, he's embarked on an animal crusade issue. Upset over a recent Chicago Sun-Times article detailing how a slaughterhouse was being planned in DeKalb, Illinois, Molaro is preparing legislation to outlaw any such operation. The article exposed the plans by Cavel International, a Belgium Company, to slaughter horses by driving a steel bolt through the head of the animal. The horse meat would then be shipped to Europe for consumption by humans. Molaro said, "It's illegal to consume horse meat in America but how do we condone killing these animals for consumption in Europe. I intend to pass legislation that will stop this before it gains a foothold in Illinois."

Molaro, a 12-year veteran in Springfield, is the Chairman of the House Revenue Committee and a strong supporter of animal rights groups.

Molaro went on to say, "It is unfortunate that animals have to be put to death in such a cruel and inhumane way. There must be other options for us as a civilized society than the use of these measures or the sanctioning of this type of business in Illinois." Molaro's suburban office can be reached at 594-1212.