Horse slaughter plants
4/23/2003 8:24 AM
By: News 8 Austin Staff

There are only two plants in the United States that slaughter horses for people to eat, and both of them are in Texas. One is in Fort Worth and the other in Kaufman.

The plants ship the meat overseas.

It is not against federal law to send meat from slaughtered horses out of the country for human consumption. Texas law prohibits the practice, but the law is outdated and not strictly enforced.

Rep. Betty Brown's district includes the Kaufman plant. She is trying to make Texas laws match federal laws. She has support from veterinarians, the Texas Farm Bureau and various horse organizations.

"I hope that people will realize that I'm not the ogre that I've been painted to be. That we'll get this over with and get it put back in its proper perspective," Brown said.

Supporters said the measure would prevent horse owners from taking the animals out of the country for less-humane, unregulated slaughtering.

The House Agriculture and Livestock committee approved the bill 4-1, and the Texas House gave peliminary approval to the bill Wednesday.