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Legislation to ban horse slaughter to be called for vote in early

SB 1921 and its first House Amendment, introduced by State
Representative Robert S. Molaro (D-Chicago), will be called for a
vote within the next few weeks.  The bill will ban the slaughter of
horses for human consumption as well as the trade and transportation
of horseflesh and live horses intended for human consumption in

This bill would prevent the Belgian-owned company Cavel International
from operating its new horse slaughterhouse, which it is rebuilding
in DeKalb, Illinois, despite strong local, state and nationwide
public outcry.

Representative Molaro, a longtime humane advocate, introduced this
bill upon hearing news that the horse slaughter plant, which burnt
down almost two years ago, was going to reopen.  When announcing his
intentions Representative Molaro said "It is unfortunate that animals
have to be put to death in such a cruel and inhumane way. There must
be other options for us as a civilized society than the use of these
measures or the sanctioning of this type of business in Illinois."

Cavel International, owned by the Belgian corporation "Velda Group,"
intends to slaughter horses for human consumption in some European
and Asian countries, such as France, Belgium or Japan, where horse
meat is considered a delicacy. Its new plant will be ready to operate
in March.

SB 1921 failed to reach the House Floor during last November's short
Veto Session due to the death of State Representative David Wirsing
(R-Sycamore).   Wirsing represented the district in which Cavel is

Representative Molaro's actions come on the heals of a growing
nationwide push to end horse slaughter in the US.  Texas is home to
the last two horse slaughter plants, both also foreign owned.  They
are locked in a legal battle with the State of Texas because Texas
law also prohibits the sale, possession and transport of horsemeat
for human consumption.