May 11, 2004

Dateline: The Scoop Line . . . Watch for state Sen. John Cullerton
(D-Chicago) to propose a new anti-horse slaughter bill this week in Springfield!
The proposed Senate Bill 649 is almost identical to the one state Rep. Bob
Molaro (D-Chicago)proposed in late March in the House, which would ban the
slaughtering of horses in Illinois for human consumption by customers worldwide.
The House bill went nowhere.
Sneed's items about horse slaughter in Illinois, which would be done in
DeKalb at Cavel International, caused such a furor that it resulted in more e-mails
slamming the slaughter than any other topic I've ever written about. It was a
Cullerton was hoping actress Bo Derek, who is pushing the measure in the
nation's capital, would be able to testify. The bill will be presented in the
executive committee Wednesday or Thursday.
*The shocker: More than 49,000 horses were slaughtered in the United States
last year at two foreign-owned slaughter houses. "Ferdinand,'' who won the
Kentucky Derby in 1986, was sold at auction to the Japanese when he was 14 years
old . . . and shipped overseas, where he wound up being slaughtered for food!