The Horse Magazine 
September 24, 2004

Dallas Crown Litigation
September 2004 Article # 2033

Dallas Crown, one of two Fort Worth, Texas, area horse slaughter plants, continues in business after a brief court battle concerning its wastewater discharge permit.

It all started when the city of Kauffman, Texas, where Dallas Crown is located, notified the plant that it was in violation of its wastewater discharge permit. That notice was filed on July 26 and on Aug. 10.

Dallas Crown filed a lawsuit, seeking injunctive relief. The case was heard on Aug. 24, and County-At-Court Judge Erleigh Noville ruled that the city cannot revoke the plant's discharge permit unless it can show that the plant is indeed in violation of the terms of the permit.

The judge also ordered three weeks of discharge testing to determine if the plant is in compliance.

Officials at Dallas Crown said that the plant remained open and in operation during the litigation.

In an affidavit supporting Dallas Crown's injunction request, plant manager Christopher Soenen claimed that Dallas Crown is exceeding the requirements of its wastewater discharge permit.

"Our business is licensed, regulated, and inspected by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and Texas Animal Health Commission," Soenen stated in the affidavit. "We are in good standing with both agencies."

Soenen also stated in the affidavit that Kauffman Mayor Paula Bacon, "both before becoming mayor and after being elected, has worked with various individuals and groups to close our plant because of the type of business we perform."

Dallas Crown employs 52 people and slaughters about 100 horses per week. It ships the meat to markets in Europe.

The other Texas slaughter plant is Beltex, which is located in Fort Worth.