May 13, 2003 | 12:00AM

Horse Nonsense 
It looks like Texans aren't so horse-crazy after all, at least when it comes to eating Mr. Ed, according to Environmental News Service.
    A new opinion poll shows that 77 percent of Texas voters are opposed to the slaughtering of horses for human consumption. Eighty-nine percent of those questioned said they were previously unaware of the horse slaughtering industry.
     Legislation to overturn an existing Texas law which outlaws the slaughter of horses for human consumption was introduced earlier this year, but it may not go very far.
     "The horse holds a unique place in the lives of Americans, so we weren't surprised to learn that 77 percent of Texans oppose the legislation pending in the state legislature," said John Hettinger of Fasig-Tipton Co., Inc., which conducts auction sales of thoroughbred horses.