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Horse slaughter co. responds

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
It is interesting that a conservative news source would have a "news" article supporting government intervention in a free enterprise ["Legislation proposed to end horse slaughter in Illinois," January 19].

This law would be the first part in an attack on the meat industry in this country. I am sure that the veal industry would be the next target, yet your publication, by using the same old lies and misinformation promulgated by our opposition, have sided with a groups that will say anything to make a point.

On the other hand Cavel International, Inc. could produce up to $15 million in foreign trade revenue in agricultural industry in a state that needs such business. Cavel is a USDA supervised facility recognized by many in the horse industry as necessary. In fact, Cavel is supported by the Horsemen's Council of Illinois, the Midwest Horse Show Association, the Illinois Standard Breeds Association, and others.

I wish we had the hundreds of thousands of dollars to counter the propaganda machine of Mr. Duchissois and his PETA allies, but we are trying to run a business.

The meat industry in the United States is well established and already well regulated, including regulations concerning the humane treatment of animals. The method of slaughter we use is approved for horses by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Over the long development of our country we have had a discussion on the humane treatment of animals and the meatpacking industry that has produced a body of laws and regulation that we abide by. I don't see why a business, who asks for no government subsidy, who has been established in Illinois for over 17 years, needs to argue its survival, especially to a conservative publication.

Yours truly,

James Tucker, Project Manager
Cavel International, Inc.

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