HB 1324


Agriculture & Livestock Committee

March 25, 2003 -  8:00A

    For:      Brady, Zach (Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers


              Harris, Sue (Self)

              Hicks, Steve (Self)

              Luecke, Jodi (Self)

              Smarthwaite, Lex (American Paint Horse Association)

              Ward, Don (Self and Livestock Marketing Association of


    Against:  Barry, Susan (Self)

              Bias, James (Self)

              Caldwell, Jana (Self and Daniel & Ruth Reeves-Erath

              Co.;Jill Davis & Jo Eisenrich-Tarrant Co.; Carol

              Chapman-Galveston Co.;)

              Caldwell, Jana (Self and Jerry Finch-Habitat for


              Coller, Anne (The Fund for Animals)

              Dickey, Pat (Self)

              Dickey, William (Self)

              Enyart, Pat (Self)

              Gilleland, Ellis (Self and "Texas Animals")

              Gregoric, Michael (Self)

              Hendrix, Susan (Self and Society for Animal Protection


              Holeyfield, Pam (Self and horsebroker)

              Holloway, Cile (Self and Texas Humane Legislation


              Moore, Brandy (Self)

              Nash, Mary (Self)

              Nordyke, Patt (Self and Texas Federation of Humane


              Sabatucci, Jay (The Humane Society of the United States)

              Starr, Anna (Orange Show Foundation)

              Trimble, Robert "Skip" (Self and Breeder's Cup Ltd;

              Fasig-TiptonCo.,; Thoroughbred Foundation)

              Vickers, Laura (Self)

              Young, Tracy (Self and Kelly Young (wife); Pennell

              Hopkins-Humane Office for Pa. SPCA)

    On:       Diamond, Ann (Tarrant County DA's Office)

   Registering, but not testifying:

    For:      Copeland, Chris (Texas Veterinary Medical Association)

              Grimm, James (Texas Poultry Federation)

              Mayberry, Warren (Texas Farm Bureau)

              Singleton, Pauline (Self and Greater Houston Horse


              Sklar, Shane (Independent Cattlemen's Association)

              Turner, Robert (Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association)

              Vane, Mark (Texas Thoroughbred Association)

              Weems, Jim (Self)

              Westbrook, Steve (Self)

              Wilson, Ross (Texas Cattle Feeders Association)

    Against:  Anderson, Regina (Self)

              Backo, Amy (Self)

              Beck, Lisa (Self)

              Bishop, Lynn (Self)

              Caramante, Julie (Self)

              Caramante, Landyn (Self)

              Chapman, Carol (Self)

              Cummings, Laurie (Self)

              Davis, Leslie (Self)

              Finch, Jerry (Self)

              Goodwillie, Lalla (Self)

              Gore, Kathy (Self)

              Gregory, William (Self)

              Hagen, Brynn (Self)

              Hancock, Faye (Self)

              Hilder, Julia (Self)

              Luckenbach, John (Self)

              Lundstedt, David (Self)

              McMahon, Jr., F. Hagen (Self)

              Muenzer, Kappy (Self and Citizens for Animal Protection,

              Houston, TX)

              Poarch, Mad (Madelyn) (Self)

              Rebold, Jeanette (Self)

              Rogers, Kim (Self)

              Sanderlin, Patricia (Self)

              Schedler, A. J. (Self)

              Turner, Randall (Self)

              Wier DeFord, Marion (Self)

              Wilson, Dorothy (Self)

    On:       Coats, Max (Texas Animal Health Commission)