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Publications, Press Releases 2015

08/22/15 - Hidden horse and other mislabeled meat revealed in new study - The Times
08/21/15 - US researchers uncover mislabelled meat in two studies - Food Quality News
08/21/15 - Research on meat species shows mislabeling in commercial products - Science Daily
08/21/15 - Horse Meat Found in Other Ground Meat Sold in U.S. - MSN
08/20/15 - Chapman University Research on Meat Species shows Mislabeling in Commercial Products - Chapman University
04/22/15 - PR Newswire - Federal Legislation Introduced to Prohibit Slaughter of American Horses
04/23/15 - The Hill - Bill would ban slaughter of horses for food
04/23/15 - AWI - Please Tell Congress to Pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act to End the Slaughter of American Horses
04/23/15 - HSUS - Take Action to End Horse Slaughter
01/23/15 - Dorian Ayache - Sentencing and Summary




















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