Publications and Press Releases 1980-2002

October 8, 2002 Fort Worth Star Telegram  Zoo group opposes closing horse plants 
October 11, 2002 Tim Curry's Response
to Plaintiff's Motion for Temporary Injunction
October 15, 2002 Plaintiffs' Reply
to Defendant Tim Curry's Opposition to Temporary Injunction
October 4, 2002  Plaintiff's Motion for Temporary Injunction
   Beltex/Dallas Crown vs. Tim Curry et al
October, 2002 USDA Transport Requirements
for Commercial Transportation of Equines to Slaughter
September 27, 2002 Dallas Morning News
    Fort Worth Lawsuit seeks end to horse slaughter inquiry
September 26, 2002 Fort Worth Star Telegram
  Equine slaughter Legislative debate grows on processing horse meat in U.S.  
September 26, 2002 Fort Worth Star Telegram
  Beltex asks court to strike down Texas horse meat law
September 26, 2002 Tarrant County DA press release
Horse Slaughter Companies Sue to Stop D.A.’s From Enforcing Texas Horse Meat Ban
September 26, 2002  Text of Lawsuit
(MS Word format) Beltex et al v. Tim Curry et al PDF format
September 19, 2002 Fort Worth Star Telegram
  Kaufman DA targets horse meat plant for closing  
September, 2002  USDA Form VS 10-13
  Owner/Shipper Certificate Fitness to Travel to a Slaughter Facility
August, 2002 conversation
between Chris Heyde, Society for Animal Protective Legislation and Dr. Tom Lenz,  President-elect, American Association of Equine Practitioners re Dr. Lenz's misperception of what will be done with the bodies of horses if slaughter were stopped. (Dallas News 8/24/02)
August 24, 2002 Dallas Morning News  Horse plants opposed  Group asks officials to check legality of slaughterhouses in Kaufman, Fort Worth
April 12, 2002  Horse slaughtering plant destroyed  Dekalb, Illinois
April, 2002 Northern Star
  Investigators: Arson possible in Cavel fire
April, 2002  The Horse Magazine
  Throwaway Horses (Banning Slaughter) by Jerry Finch
Winter, 2002  Necessary Evil or Blind Eye?  Putting an End to the Cruel Practice of Horse Slaughter
Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly, Winter 2002 Volume 51 Number 1 By Christopher J. Heyde
January 31, 2002 Cavel Deed in Trust
from DeKalb County Marketing Services, Inc. to The American National Bank of DeKalb County 
January 2002  USDA regulations
  Commercial Transportation of Equines to Slaughter
November, 2001  Horsemen's Council of Illinois position on slaughter
December 10, 2001 DeKalb, Illinois Special Use Permit  for Cavel's animal slaughtering plant
October, 2001  Federal Equine Infectious Anemia Regulations  Part 75--Communicable diseases in horses, asses, ponies, mules, and zebras - Equine infectious anemia (swamp fever) 
August, 2001 Import Health Requirements of Mexico
for horses (non slaughter) exported from the United States
July 30, 2001 Christian Science Monitor
  New help for the old problem of horse theft
April 30, 2001  CBS News report
"Steaks from Stallions" 
March 1, 2001  2000 Report on the AVMA
(American Veterinary Medical Association) Panel on Euthanasia
March, 2000  USDA  Module 15 Equine Inspection (305)
December 26, 2001  Washington Post
  Horse Adoption Program Challenged    Land Management Agency Data Show Animals Sold, Slaughtered
2001  Animal Sciences Research Report by the The Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University titled "Characterizations of Horses at Auctions and in Slaughter Plants"  HTML format   PDF format
September, 2000  Western Horseman 
Just the Facts  Let's take a realistic look at the horse slaughter situation.
2002 USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service
  U.S. residue limits for veterinary drugs and unavoidable contaminants in meat, poultry, and egg products
December 20, 1998  The Telegraph, London 
  French struck by mad horse disease
October 1, 1998 Dallas Observer
     A horse is a course
June 25, 1998 ABC News
  California voters will decide a matter of considerable taste and delicacy in November: Should people eat horses?
1998 Survey of Trucking Practices and Injury to Slaughter Horses
, Dr. Temple Grandin, Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
December, 1997  Import Health Requirements of Mexico
for slaughter horses exported from the United States
February, 1997 USDA promotes horse and goat meat

January 5, 1997 Los Angeles Times
  Trail’s End for Horses:  Slaughter  
April 4, 1991 OSHA violations at Dallas Crown
  Occupational Safety & Health Administration
March 24, 1980 DeKalb, Illinois ordinance
authorizing financing for Cavel
732 Pope Gregory II
 forbids consumption of horseflesh by his Christian converts