Publications, Press Releases 2009 - 2010

July 20, 2010 - The Humane Society of the United States Applauds Passage of H.R. 305
This bill prevents the use of double decker trailers to haul horses
April 20, 2010 - Colorado House District 59 Candidate Brian O'Donnell's stance on horse slaughter
Colorado House District 59, candidate J Paul Brown's record showing he sent horses to slaughter
J Paul Brown horse slaughter records page

March 19, 2010-Animal Law Coalition - A MO bill to promote horse slaughter just passed a legislative committee with an amendment that would basically void many current animal cruelty and animal welfare laws in MO. (Read the very last line of the substitute version of the bill.) No one spoke in opposition to this bill during the committee hearing.  Please help stop this bill. Click here for more information and how you can help.  
Jan 12, 2010-Gillette News Record-Horse group says boycott PETA, celebrities
Jan 9, 2010-Equine Welfare Alliance-Slaughter Supporters Call for Boycott of Some of America’s Most Beloved Horsemen and Most Effective Horse Organizations
Jan 9, 2010-UOH and UHF-Horse owners & rural America call for boycott of Carrie Underwood, Willie Nelson, United States Equestrian Federation, Pat Parelli, & others for taking dirty money and selling out to HSUS and PETA
Oct 8, 2009-American Horse Council Washington Update regarding GAO Study of Horse Welfare
Aug 6, 2009- Undercover Investigation Underscores USDA - Documented Brutality
30 month long investigation proves worst-case scenario is ongoing
For more information and copy of reports, click here...
Aug 6, 2009-European Union Bans American Horsemeat-Habitat for Horses
Aug 5, 2009-Opinion:Slaughtering horses, poisoning people; is the US asleep at the wheel?- R.T. Fitch
Aug 3, 2009-Press Release from Equine Welfare Alliance- New Eu rules may end slaughter of American horses
March 18, 2009-Prices Soaring for Unwanted Horses-John Holland
Feb 2009 - Former Mayor Paula Bacon's Open Letter to State Legislatures