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Publications, Press Releases 2014 -

12/13/14 - European Union Ban Threatens US Horse Slaughter Pipline - Horse Talk NZ
12/10/14 - Europe Posts Horse Meat Ban - ESPN News/Blood Horse

12/13/14 - European Union Ban Threatens US Horse Slaughter Pipline - Horse Talk NZ
12/10/14 - Europe Posts Horse Meat Ban - ESPN News/Blood Horse

Joe Abruzzo, Victoria McCullough & VP, Joe Biden (picture courtesy of Equine Welfare Alliance)

01/13/14 - Press Release from EWA - Omnibus Budget Will End Chances of Horse Slaughter Plants Opening in US
01/03/14 - Judge Delays Ruling in AG's Suite VS Slaughterhouse - Santa Fe New Mexican
01/03/14 - Horse Slaughter in New Mexico Temporarily Blocked - The Tribune Democrat
01/05/14 - KY man (George Samual Jones) arrested with 18 dead horses on property was sending them to slaughter - WCPO Ch. 9
09/20/13 - Grand jury indicts Tennessee trucking company owners on multiple charges - Land Line
09/20/13 - Charges of Obstructing a Grand Jury and the Alleged Dealing of Horse Slaughter Have Roots in Murfreesboro and Lebanon - WGNS Radio

Picture taken during trailing of Three Angels Farms from TN to TX

09/12/13 - TN Trucking Company Owners Indicted - The Tennessean
09/11/13 - Dorian Ayache and Theresa Vincent Indictment (court records)
08/07/13 - Horse Slaughter on Hold as Animals Rights Groups Raise Legal Challenge - Food Poisoning Bullitin
08/06/13 - Judge Blocks Permit For Missouri Horse Slaughter Plant - The Kansas City Star
08/02/13 - Judge Blocks Planned Horse Slaughter at 2 Plants-
07/30/13 - EWA and ALC produce evidence showing GAO Horse Welfare report was fraudulent press release
Video - How the GAO Deceived Congress About Horse Slaughter
03/26/13 - SoonerPoll's Bill Shapard writes open letter to Governor Mary Fallin over horse slaughter poll results  pdf version
03/25/13 - Congressman Jim Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits
03/22/13 - No guts, no heart; Brutal Killing of a horse - Marti Oakley, Blogtalk radio
03/22/13 - Horse Slaughterer Fired Amid Outrage Over Taunting Video - Washington Post-Bloomberg
03/22/13 - Tim Sappington, Valley Meat Contractor, Allegedly Films Himself Shooting Horse - Huffington Post
03/19/13 - Horse-Slaughter Jobs Embraced in State Where Cowboys Roam - Bloomberg
03/19/13 - Senate ag. committee supports horse slaughter - Pauls Valley Daily Democrat
03/17/13 - Pam McKissick Without Reserve - Horse Slaughter - Pam McKissick and her three guests uncover the dirty truth about horse slaughter and give voice to "the other side" on behalf of 80 percent of the voting public
03/14/13 - Horsemeat: a product of Cruelty, Dishonesty and Drugging - Animal Welfare Institute
03/13/13 - Horse Meat Applicant's Food Safety Is Questioned - New York Times
03/13/13 - A renewed Effort to Stop the Slaughter of Amerian Horses - Michael Markarian, HSUS
03/05/13 - What's in Your Horse Burger? Chemicals That Pose Serious Health Risks - The Daily Beast, Newsweek, Vicker Echoff
03/04/13 - OK Press Conference and Rally  Live Audio Feed for Conference
03/03/13 - The Grocer, UK - Horsemeat: Switzerland finds bute in horsemeat from Canada
02/27/13 - Advocates Concerned By Shipments of Horse Meat Through U.S. Ports
02/27/13 - KPRC Ch. 2 Houston - Horse Meat Shipped Through Houston
02/19/13 - Oklahoma Action Alert!
02/17/13 - Horsemeat Scandal Is a Europe-Wide Problem - Daily Mail UK
02/17/13 - Horse meat concerns date to February 2012, officials say - CNN News
02/16/13 - 'Fraud on a massive scale':Europe's horse meat scandal keeps growing - World News
02/15/13 - Furor Over Use of Horse Meat Grows in Britian Despite Testing - The New York Times
02/14/13 - EWA and WHFF Investigators Expose Horse Slaughter Violations
02/11/13 - Dennis ChavezTransportation Violations FOIA from the USDA - Equine Welfare Alliance
02/07/13 - Oklahoma Update and Action Alert
02/04/13 - House Rejects Study of Horse Slaughter- KOB Ch. 4 News
02/04/13 - Horse Meat Found in UK Burger King Whoppers
01/29013 - Five Reasons Why Tesco's Horse Meat Scandel Could Happen Here - Vickery Eckhoff,
01/18/13 - Burger factory at a standstill after MORE horse meat is found
01/17/13 - Revealed: Dirty Larry, the mult-millionair behind firm sneaking horsemeat into your supermarket
01/15/13 - Oklahoma Senator introduces SB 375, to repeal horse slaughter ban. (bill text)(link)
01/03/13 - USDA Proposes New Animals Identification System
09/12/12 - Despite Horrible Facts About Horse Slaughter, Sen. Ben Cardin Is Still On The Fence- We Make It News
09/04/12 - Mary Nash's Horse slaughter website supports Bi Coastal Release of SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES
08/31/12 - Terri's Farms ordered chameleon carrier to cease all operations - FMCSA
08/21/12 - In West Texas, a State Park Sends Horses to Slaughter - Dallas Observer
08/13/12 - Texas Parks and Wildlife Sells Park Horses to Known Slaughter Buyer
08/09/12 - Sugarcreek Livestock Auction, Inc. and Leroy H. Baker, Jr. Are Assessed a $10,000 Civil Penalty
08/01/12 - WSMV Nashville, Reporter Nancy Amons - Three Angels Farms owner involved in new company
07/26/12 - Again?! New Complaints Filed Against Three Angels Farms: Chameleon Carrier (Three Angels Farms)
link to full report
07/25/16 - WSMV Nashville, Reporter Nancy Amons - Investigators document horse farm violations
07/25/12 - WSMV Nashville, Reporter Nancy Amons - Former Three Angels driver says owner ignored safety hazards
07/09/12 - Horse killer buyer Ron Andio, OH fined by FDA for offering for sale an animal for slaughter as food that was adulterated
(bute and clenbuterol were found when residue testing was done)
06/29/2012 - U.S Department of Transportation Orders Three Angels Farms to Shut Down
06/12/2012 - Private Citizen Files Federal Motor Carrier Complaint Against Three Angels Farms
05/20/2012 - Private Citizens Trail Three Angels Farms from Lebanon, TN to Presido, TX
04/22/2012 - Don't Slaughter Horses - Letter to the Editor by Mikaela Roland - Kansas City Star
04/14/2012 - NM Meat Plant Owner Defends Horse Slaughter Plan - Boston Globe.Com
04/14/2012 - Horse Slaughter Battle Heats Up -
04/06/2012 - Overview of the American Equine Summit - Huffington - written by Liz O'Connell
04/06/2012 - Recently Found Documents from the Cave's regarding Dallas Crown (the Cave's lived near the plant)
Newspaper Articles regarding Dallas Crown from 1991 and 2005
03/05/12 - Horse Slaughter: Separating Fact From Fiction
01/10/2012 - Mayor of Kaufman, Texas Kicks Some Ass - Vickery Eckoff - (pdf of article)
12/06/2011 - - Vickery Eckhoff - Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Sounds Food Safety and Cruelty Alarms
12/06/2011 - Airtalk radio 89.3 KPCC - Larry Mantle - Gates opening to allow domestic horse slaughter mp3 archive
12/06/2011 - Operation "Doolittle" - Equine Welfare Alliance
12/04/2011 - Canadian Horse Defence Coaliton Investigation - From Pasture to Plate (The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) presents a fourth investigation documenting inhumane horse slaughter at a Canadian slaughterhouse and provides compelling evidence that the much touted Equine Identification Document (EID) program put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) invites fraud) full investigative report
11/29/2011 - Forbe' - Vickory Eckhoff - Racing Industry Silent about Slaughter Thoroubreds
11/09/2011 - Action Alert from Texas Humane Legislation Network (USDA Horsemeat Inspections)
11/09/2011 - Equine Welfare Alliance - Appropriations Alert
11/09/2011 - Animal Welfare Institute -Keep Taxpayers From Funding U.S. Horse Slaughter Inspections!
11/04/2011 - Animal Law Coalition - Congress Deciding Now on De-funding
11/04/2011 - Animals' Angels - FVO Inspection Report Canada Released, Not OK Says EU
10/23/2011 - Paula Bacon, former Mayor of Kaufman, Texas responds to New York Times article
08/26/2011 - Message from Kaufman, Texas (letter from Robert and Jualene Eldridge read at the International Equine Conference
07/26/2011 - Prison Horses Public Information Request
06/09/2011 - The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, 2011-2012 S 1176 Co-Sponsors
06/2011 - GAO (United States Government Accountability Office) Horse Welfare Report
06/24/2011 - North Platte Telegraph - Horse Welfare Report Released
06/24/2011 - Thoroughbred Times - Government study says equine slaughter has shifted to Mexico, Canada
06/25/2011 - Horseback Magazine - Investigative Team Reveals Extreme Negligence From Texas County Official at feedlot


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