Publications, Press Releases, Articles 2006-2008

July 25, 2008-New Federal Horse Slaughter Bill Introduced-The Horse.com
July 25, 2008-Horses in Illinois being let loose-WOC News Talk Radio 1420 am
July 23, 2008-The horse slaughter gang that can't shoot straight-John Holland
Trent Loos on air with John Holland WMA File
June 24, 2008-The Horse.Com-Rhode Island General Assembly Passes Equine Transport Measure
June 23, 2008-Argus Observer-Idaho officials, Humane Society spar over horse bill
June 23, 2008-Kane County Chronicle-Supreme Court won't hear Cavel

June,2008-Quarter horse policies part of the problem, not the solution-Opinion piece by Duane Burright
June 1, 2008 Equine Slaughter and Abuse Study
May 22, 2008-Horse Talk New Zealand-Quarter horse policies part of the problem, not the solution-Duane Burright
Feb 17, 2008-Houston Chronicle-Number of U.S. horses sent to slaughter in Mexico soars
Feb 16, 2008-Deleware Online-Brown Pushes for end of horse slaughter
Feb 14, 2008-Yankton Press and Dakotan-Pierre Report Horse Slaughter Measure Is Needed
Feb 14, 2008-Yankton Press and Dakotan Blog-Horse slaughter is about supplying a foreign demand, not saving horses from neglect-Duane Burright
Feb 14, 2008-New York Times-Senate Ethics Committee Admonishes Larry Craig
Dec 5, 2007-Notice of Intent to Object to Proceeding- Mr. CRAIG . Mr. President, I wish to notify the Senate of my intent to object to proceeding to S. 311-Dec. 5th, 2007
Oct, 2007-Action Needed: Pro-Slaughter AVMA, AAEP, & AQHA
-It is high time that we take a stand against the pro-horse slaughter ranks and demand that they change their position on this issue.
Oct 2, 2007 -San Antonio Express-Horse slaughter evokes outrage
Sep 21, 2007-Animal Welfare Institute-US Court of Appeals Upholds Illinois Ban on Horse slaughter
May 11, 2007-Habitat for Horses Texas Action Alert
May 11, 2007 Dallas Morning News-Amended Bill Opens Door for Horsemeat Sales
March 18, 2007- Humane Society Refutes Horse Abandonment Claims
March 18, 2007-The Victoria Advocate- There are arguments on both sides of the horse slaughter issue
March 18, 2007 Houston Chronicle- Horse-meat export fight resumes in Texas
March 15, 2007-CattleNetwork.com-Anti-Horse Meat Sentiment Is Gaining Momentum
March 10, 2007 Dallas Morning News-Bills seek to overturn horse slaughter ban
Feb 22, 2007-Society of Animal Protective Legislation-Anti-Horse Slaughter Legislation Reintroduced in Illinois
Feb 22, 2007-The Horse-Horse Slaughter Bill Introduced in Illinois
Jan 25, 2007 Horse Slaughter Industry in Flux-Dallas Morning News
Jan 17, 2007 The Blood Horse- Slaughter Bill Introduced in the House, Senate
Jan 17, 2006 Society of Animal Protective Legislation Alert-Congress Begins with New Opportunities
to Help Horses
Jan 11, 2007-HSUS Alert-AHSPA House and Senate Version Introduced
Nov 6, 2006 Kvue Austin-Willie Nelson, Kinky Friedman urge Senate to ban horse slaughter
Nov 6, 2006 News 8 Austin-Willie Nelson adopts 11 horses headed for slaughter plant
Nov 4, 2006 Habitat for Horses-Willie Nelson's adopted horses ready to meet the press
Nov 4, 2006 Houston Chronicle-Friedman looks to take political luck from Luck
Nov 2, 2006-Rolling Stone Magazine-Willie Nelson wants to Be a Horse, We Recall Horses Trappers-Keepers
Nov 2, 2006 Willie Nelson-We have a lot to learn from horses
Nov 2006 Vanity Fair Magazine November Issue-Galloping Scared
Oct 2006 The Horse-Veterinarian Describes Missouri Trailer Accident Response
Sep 2006 Horses injured on the way to Cavel (articles, videos)
Sep 12, 2006 CBS 11 News Dallas-Kaufman Residents Celebrate 'Horse Plant' Bill
Sep 11, 2006 Niagara Falls Reporter-Bill To End Slaughter Of American Horses Has A Few Hurdles To Jump
Sep 8, 2006 NPR-House Bans Slaughter of Horses for Food (audio)
Sep 8, 2006 Daily Racing Form-Battle Won, Yet War Rages On
Sep 8, 2006 Lexington Herald-Horse slaughter bill passed in house
Sep 7, 2006 Miami Herald-House votes to ban horse slaughter
Sep 7, 2006 Press Release from the office of Congressman Jim Moran
Sep 7, 2006 Reuters-House votes to ban horse slaughter for food
Sep 5, 2006 KHOU-TV Houston-American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act supporters rally in Washington, D.C.
Aug 31, 2006 Horses Slaughtered For Human Consumption Reporter Brad Woodard, KHOU TV Houston Contact Mr. Woodard at BWoodard@khou.com
Aug 31, 2006 Kaufman Herald- Legal Battle Draws National Attention
Aug 31, 2006 Long Island Press-Saving the Horses, Americans Wake Up To Equine Abuse
Aug 30, 2006  Nationwide Poll Reveals 7 Out of 10 Americans Oppose Horse Slaughter
Aug 30, 2006 Dallas Morning News- Slaughterhouse may stay open until ruling
Aug 25, 2006 Agritalk Poll on horse slaughter
Aug 22, 2006 Rally for the Horses-Society of Animal Protective Legislation e-Alert
Aug 22, 2006 Willie Nelson Fights Horse Slaughter
Aug 15, 2006 Society of Animal Protective Legislation-Message from Willie Nelson for America's Horses
Aug 9, 2006 Tennessean.com-Pass Horse Slaughter Bill
Aug 9, 2006 Amarillo.com-A Case of Galloping Misinformation, by John Holland
Aug 3, 2006 Examiner, New Jersey surgeon urges U.S. to stop slaughtering horses
Aug 2, 2006 Washington Times-Duane Burright, Goodlatte and the horse slaughter bill
Aug 1, 2006 Niagara Falls Reporter- Mountain Views: Horse-Eating Foreigners Finding Friends In United States Congress
July 29, 2006 Daily Racing Forum-Last Ride Needn't be Ugly to and End
July 28, 2006 McClatchy Newspapers-Congressman has tough job: protecting horse slaughter industry
July 28, 2006 Forbes.com-Oil Icon Pickens Fights 'Dirty' Horsemeat trade
July 27, 2006 Falls Church News-Congressman Moran's News Commentary
July 26, 2006 The Thoroubred Times-Horse slaughter bill discharged from House Energy and Commerce committee
July 26, 2006 Harnessracing.com-Hogan Against Horse Slaughter
July 25, 2006 Society for Animal Protective Legislation-Testimony by Christopher J. Heyde given before the  House Energy and Commerce Committee
July 25, 2006 Bloodhorse.com-Federal Hearing on Horse Slaughter Draws Large Crowd
July 25, 2006 McClatchy Newspapers-Horse meat suppliers defend industry at congressional hearing
July 25, 2006 ABC News-Shipping Horse Meat Overseas May Be Banned
July12,2006 The Malibu Times-Horse bill a winner
July 12, 2006 KETK TV 56 Tyler-Protesters still rallying for bill
July 10, 2006 Tyler Morning Telegraph-Group Protest U.S. Selling Horsemeat
July 6, 2006-KLTV Channel 7 Tyler-East Texas Woman Pushes For Anti Horse Slaughtering Bill To Pass
May 5, 2006 The Baltimore Sun-To the surprise of many, horses being slaughtered in the U.S.
May 5, 2006 Chicago Sun Times-Letter to the editor-Protect racehorses from slaughter, Rebecca Meinders
April 16th, 2006 North Texas E-News-Horse Slaughterhouses: say nay!
April 15, 2006 The Washington Times-Letter to the editor-Debunking the 'unwanted horse' theory, Valerie James-Patton
April 7, 2006 The Washington Times- Slaughtering Horses is Cruel by Chris Heyde
March 28, 2006 The Washington Times-Blood on Foreign Hands
March 2006 The Horse Fee-For-Service Plan Implemented
March 12, 2006 Houston Chronicle-Horse slaughterhouse closing ordered
March 11, 2006 Ag Weekly Online-Horse slaughterhouses begin paying for inspections
March 10, 2006 Board orders slaughterhouse closed
March 10, 2006 Thoroughbred Times-Texas slaughterhouse ordered to close
May 3, 2006 FSIS Notice-Instructions for anti-mortem inspection of horses as a voluntary reimbursable service
Feb 15, 2006 Dallas Morning News-Ag Chief's take on slaughter
Feb 15, 2006 Daily Chronicle-Former DeKalb resident part of horse slaughter suit

Feb 14, 2006 Ledger Enquirer-Ga chief explains horse slaughter stance
Feb 14, 2006 Washington Times-USDA Bucks Congress
Feb 14,2006 Dallas Morning News-Animal-right groups seeking to stop horse slaughtering
Feb 9, 2006 Dallas Morning News-Where's Waldo?
Feb 8, 2006 Houston Chronicle- USDA may keep authority over horse slaughter
Feb 8, 2006 National Geographic News-Horse Slaughter Continues in U.S., Despite Recent Laws 
Feb 7, 2006 Washington Times-Town seeks an end to horse slaughtering
Jan 19 2006 Dallas Observer -Horse Opera
Jan 13, 2006 Washington Times -USDA bureaucrats and horse slaughter
Jan 11, 2006 Denton Record-Chronicle Fight Continues on Horse Slaughter
Jan 10, 2006 Dallas Morning News Government accused of trying to bypass horse-slaughter law
Jan 9, 2006 Desert Dispatch letter to the editor-Ranching a problem in the West, not wildlife, Nylene Schoellhorn