Publications and Press Releases 2003

December 29, 2003 Correction/Update to a representation made to Court regarding "Mad Cow" Disease
December 28, 2003  The Columbus Dispatch
  Trucker on drive to end slaughter of horses for meat  Akron woman pays for five billboards
December 27, 2003 Top of the Hill Farm
Press Release US Continues to Export Tainted Horsemeat for Human Consumption 
December 26, 2003 DeKalb Daily Chronicle
Daniel Cordero Fernandez letter to the editor
December 23, 2003 Illinois Daily Herald
Lori Hackman letter to the editor
December 20, 2003 Chicago's Daily Southtown
   Slaughterhouse loses license
December 19, 2003  Press Release
from Gail Vacca and Janice Ely  Horse Slaughterhouse Surrenders License
December 15, 2003 The Horse Magazine
  New Electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection
December 15, 2003 Chicago Sun Times
  Slaughterhouse issue back to the forefront
December 9, 2003 National Horse Protection Coalition Press Release
  National Thoroughbred Racing Association Joins Battle to End Horse Slaughter
December 8, 2003 Galveston County Daily News Equine activists celebrate with tree lighting
December 4, 2003 Thoroughbred Times
  NTRA approves plan for summer-fall race series, chief security officer
December 4, 2003  Defendant Curry's brief
in reply to plaintiffs' response to motion for summary judgment
December 3, 2003 Animal News Center
  Stop the Slaughter
December 2, 2003
  AQHA Responds to Allegations From Horse Charity
December 1, 2003  Plaintiffs' response
to defendant's motion for summary judgment and reply to defendant's response to plaintiffs' motion  
December, 2003 Crandall High School Pirate Press
HR857 ad "Stop Horse Theft!"
December, 2003 Crandall High School Pirate Press
  They East Horses, Don't They?
December, 2003 Kaufman High School Lion's Pride Newspaper  Dallas Crown excerpt   An Update from Ms. Bacon:  What it's like to be the mayor of Kaufman
November 27, 2003 Galveston Daily News
  Tree lighting to honor America’s horse
November 27, 2003 South Bend Tribune
  Horses sold at auction could end up on dinner plate
November 27, 2003 Denver Post
  Law forcing CSU horse auctions targeted  Some animals go to slaughter amid 'good home' push
November 25, 2003  Order
granting agreed motion to extend time to file briefs
November 20, 2003  Pantograph newspaper
, Bloomington, IL  Legislation on horse slaughtering put on hold 
November 20, 2003  Thoroughbred Times
  Illinois horse slaughterhouse may reopen as bill delayed
November 20, 2003  Northern Star
  Horse bill tabled
November 19, 2003  Chicago Sun Times
  Lawmaker's death could doom anti-slaughter bill
November 19, 2003  Pantograph newspaper
, Bloomington, IL  Horse-slaughter bill moves forward
November 17, 2003  WHAS-11 Louisville, KY
  Activists battle company's plan to reopen horse slaughtering plant
November 16, 2003 Chicago Tribune
  DeKalb horse slaughter facility decried  Attacks baseless, operators say
November 9, 2003 Blood-Horse Magazine
  Groups That Oppose Slaughter Ban Target of Letter
November 8, 2003 DeKalb Daily Chronicle
Nationwide effort under way to convince city to nix Cavel
November 7, 2003  Chicago Sun-Times
Racing Column  The bill to outlaw horse slaughter...
November 6, 2003  Illinois Times
  Neighsayers  Horse lovers tell Illinois lawmakers: Stop turning Mr. Ed into Mr. Edible
November 5, 2003  Casper Star Tribune
Wild horse groups concerned BLM may end adoptions
November 4, 2003  Statesman Journal
, Salem, Oregon  Horse lovers try to rescue colts
November 3, 2003  Chief Looking Horse Ad

November 3, 2003 Rockford Register Star
  Billboard denounces practice
November 3, 2003 Rockford Register Star  Support? Yes, but we’ll pass on meal
November 3, 2003 Chicago Sun-Times
Horseracing column
November 1, 2003 Springfield Dispatch
Lawmaker pushes bill outlawing horse slaughtering 
November 1, 2003 Houston Chronicle
letters to the editor  Julie Caramante
November, 2003  Daily Racing Form
ad from National Horse Protection Coalition
November, 2003  The Horse Magazine
  Illinois Slaughterhouse Rebuilding
October 31, 2003  National Horse Protection Coalition
response to AAEP's Oct 1, 2003 position statement on horse slaughter
October 30, 2003 Thoroughbred Times National anti-slaughter group names Zito national spokesperson
October 29, 2003 Courier Journal, Louisville, KY
  Bill to ban horse slaughter endorsed   Industry launches new group at press conference
October 29, 2003 Bloodhorse Magazine
  Zito Named Spokesperson for Anti-Horse Slaughter Group
October 28, 2003 Louisville, KY WAVE3 TV 
Organization Aims To Save Horses From Slaughter
October 28, 2003 National Horse Protection Coalition
press release
October 26, 2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram
letter to the editor from Leslie Davis, Kingsland
October 24, 2003 Northwest Herald
  Group decries slaughterhouse - Billboards protest planned processing of horses at facility
October 23, 2003 Rocky Mountain News
  Zoo horse meat left untested for W. Nile
October 22, 2003 DeKalb Daily Chronicle
Horse-slaughter bill won't affect Cavel's decision
October 22, 2003 Midweek News
  Cavel prepares to reopen despite local opposition
October 22, 2003 Midweek News
Cavel says humane procedures are followed
October 21, 2003  Northern Star
  Cavel takes ‘risk’ Horse-slaughtering plant set to reopen DeKalb location amid controversy
October 17, 2003  HSUS press release
   HSUS Demands Wyeth Laboratories Take Responsibility for Premarin Horses
October 17, 2003  Fort Worth Star Telegram
  Group wants to shut down businesses in Fort Worth, Kaufman that slaughter horses
October 16, 2003  Washington Times
Horse Slaughtering, Opinion Editorial by Chris Heyde  
October 13, 2003   Horse Meat Not Tested For West Nile Virus
October 11, 2003  Brandon Sun
  Wyeth cuts hurt PMU producers
October 10, 2003 The Facts 
Letter to the Editor from Julie Caramante, Pearland
October 9, 2003  The Kaufman Herald
ad  Stop horse theft!
October 9, 2003 Order granting plaintiffs request for joint filing date

October 6, 2003 Roll Call 
  Capitol Hill  Horsefood?
October 5, 2003 Stephenville Empire Tribune News
  Never Too Old
October 3, 2003 Illinois House Bill 3845
to ban horse slaughter
October 2, 2003 Chicago Sun-Times
  Slaughterhouse ban gains political backing
October 2, 2003 Bloodhorse Magazine
  Illinois Legislator to Introduce Horse Slaughter Ban
October 1, 2003  AAEP Position Statement:
An Equine Veterinary View Of H.R. 857 and Horse Slaughter in the U.S. their site
October 1, 2003 Press Release from office of Illinois State Representative Bob Molaro
October 1, 2003  Casper Star-Tribune  BLM to begin wild horse roundup
October, 2003  SHARK (newsletter) Showing Animals Respect & Kindness  SHARK works against Texas, Illinois Horse Slaughter
October, 2003  The Cattleman
  Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association  Why We Need Horse-Processing Plants
September 28, 2003 The Decatur Daily letter to the editor from Linda Langdale
September 27, 2003  Amarillo Globe
letter to the editor from Dorothy P. LaBorde
September 24, 2003 Chicago Sun Times
  Plans for Slaughterhouse in DeKalb draw protest
September 22, 2003  Arkansas Law Notes 2003
  Cowboys and Vegetarians:  The Proposed "American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act"
September 22, 2003 Defendant Tim Curry's Motion for Summary Judgment and Response to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment
September 22, 2003 Brief
in Support of Defendant Tim Curry's Motion for Summary Judgment and Response to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment
September 17, 2003 DeKalb Daily Chronicle  Horse
slaughter debate heats up
September 18, 2003 Just Say Whoa!
by freelance writer Bob Weir
September 17, 2003 The Flower Mound Leader
-Town supports effort to stop horse slaughtering  
September 17, 2003  Flyer for 9/27/03 DeKalb Vigil
to stop Cavel rebuild (revised)
September 17, 2003 Poster on Cavel 

September 15, 2003 Jay Sabatucci's comments
at Flower Mound proclamation ceremony
September 15, 2003 Mary Nash's comments
at Flower Mound proclamation ceremony
September 15, 2003 Sherillyn Flick's comments
at Flower Mound proclamation ceremony
September 15, 2003 Flower Mound Proclamation
September 15, 2003 Bloodhorse Magazine
  Plans Finalized to Rebuild Illinois Slaughterhouse
September 13, 2003 Dallas Morning News The Search for an Old Friend (man finds his horse after 29 years)
September 13, 2003  USDA tally on slaughtered animals for the week

September 12, 2003 DeKalb Chronicle letter to the editor
from Susan Clay
September 11, 2003  Rescue Network 
   Horse Slaughter - Facts, Figures, & Our Opinion  
September 8, 2003 National Horse Protection Coalition Ad
in Capitol Hill's Roll Call Magazine 
September 7, 2003 DeKalb Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor
-Daniel Cordero Fernandez
Fall, 2003 ASPCA Magazine  Hope for the Horse
  Fighting the slaughter of American horses by Chris Heyde
September 5, 2003 Flyer for 9/27/03 DeKalb Vigil to stop Cavel rebuild
September 3, 2003 Northern Star Cavel International to rebuild  Horse-slaughtering plant will be reopened in February 2004, creating up to 50 new jobs
September 2, 2003 Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment with Brief, Beltex et al vs. Tim Curry
August 25, 2003 Bloodhorse Magazine ad from Blue Horse Charities 
August 15, 2003 USDA report of U.S. horsemeat exports
, comparison of Jan-Jun 2002 vs. Jan-Jun 2003
August 15, 2003  American Journal of Veterinary Medicine
Horse slaughter for human consumption faces hurdles
August 14, 1003 The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA  Legislation would save horses from slaughter
August 11, 2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram
letters to the editor Antoinette Smith
August 11, 2003 KPFT Pacifica 90.1 FM-Houston Radio
transcript Chris Heyde, Mary Nash, Rhea Green, Janice Blue on HR 857
August 10, 2003 New York Times
  Partners, Horse and Man, in Prison Pasture
August 10, 2003 Great Falls Tribune, Montana  Overcrowding, negligence plague Shelby horse feedlot
August 9, 2003 Sun Times Chicago
Theft of prize horse looks like inside job
August 5, 2003 Bloodhorse Magazine
Equine Humanity
August 5, 2003 ESPN Horse Racing  "No, not again!"
August 2, 2003
  And for the next course, horse
July 30, 2003 Texas Thoroughbred Association
anti-slaughter press release
July 29, 2003 Texas Humane Legislation Network
press release, Seabiscuit, slaughter update
July 23, 2003 The Courier-Journal
, Louisville, Kentucky  Ferdinand's death puzzling: Winner of '86 Derby likely was slaughtered; many wonder why
July 21, 2003 Bloodhorse Magazine
  Death of a Derby Winner: Slaughterhouse Likely Fate for Ferdinand
July 16, 2003 Joint Report Regarding Legislation Status
, Tarrant County DA filing in federal lawsuit
July 1, 2003  The Horse Gazette
  Hard Fought Battle Opposing Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
June 28, 2003 The Blood-Horse Magazine
  Where Would All the Horses Go? 
June 27, 2003 California Bureau of Livestock Identification
- 33.668% decrease in stolen horse reports after Prop 6
June 26, 2003 San Antonio Current
  Horses as Courses
June 19, 2003 (posted date) email from Dr. Ted Friend
re USDA grant study
June 19, 2003 San Antonio Express-News
letter to the editor, Jean McLane
June 19, 2003 San Antonio Current
  All the pretty horses
June 13, 2003  Party Invitation
to Celebrate the Defeat of Animal Unfriendly Legislation
June 6, 2003 The Highlander
, Marble Falls   Horse slaughter legislation fails
June 6, 2003 Seguin Gazette
  78th session a difficult one, legislators say
June 5, 2003 Kaufman Herald
   Horse meat bill dies in Texas Senate
June 5, 2003 Thoroughbred Times
  Texas slaughter amendment to meet demise
June 5, 2003 Dallas News Letters to the Editor
  Credit Skip Trimble
June 5, 2003 Galveston County Daily News
  Good riddance to a bad bill
June 4, 2003 This is London
  Horse meat found in salami
June 4, 2003 A Tribute to Engar
, Linda Welch
June 4, 2003 San Antonio Express News Editorial Horse proposal blocked  The only two horse slaughter plants in the United States, both in Texas, should be closed
June 3, 2003 THLN 
  What's Next in the War Against Horse Slaughter
June 3, 2003 THLN Report
on end of 78th Legislative Session
June 3, 2003 Dallas News
  Final Scorecard, Winners/Losers   Horse Lovers
June 2, 2003 THLN Press Release
Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption Still Illegal in Texas  Senate Votes to Kill Amendment, Not Horses
June 1, 2003 San Antonio Express News  Editorial:  They eat horses, don't they? (But they kill them in Texas)
May 31, 2003 THLN Press Release
Senators Vote to Keep Animal Felony Cruelty Law 
May 31, 2003 THLN Press Release  Texas Animal Felony Cruelty Law in Crisis  The "Loco" Law Could be Repealed
May 30, 2003 Houston Chronicle  Amendment's death to put future of 2 plants in court's
May 30, 2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram
- Senate stops bill to allow horse meatpacking plants
May 29, 2003 Marfa's Trip to Kaufman
:  Canceled
May 29, 2003 Amended Court Order
granting Walton's motion to dismiss

May 28, 2003 THLN Action Alert
- SB 1413 horse slaughter amendment
May 28, 2003 Galveston Daily News
- Bill subverts natural human instinct
May 28, 2003 THLN Action Alert, Fact Sheet
- SB 1413 horse slaughter amendment
May 28, 2003 "Slaughter Betty Brown"
by Judy Halloran (to the tune Yellow Rose of Texas)
May 28, 2003 Longview News
  Horse slaughter for consumption bill goes back to Senate changed
May 26, 2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram
- Bill with horse-meat amendment passes
May 26, 2003 THLN Press Release
- Pro-Horse Slaughter Forces in the Texas House are Defiant in Their Efforts to Win
May 25, 2003 THLN Action Alert
- SB 1413
May 25, 2003 THLN Fact Sheet
- SB 1413
May 24, 2003 Texas House Journal
- SB 1413
May 24, 2003 San Antonio Express News  Editorial: Horse bill hard to stomach
May 24, 2003 The Gilmer Mirror
- Texas horses served on a platter to wealthy French diners
May 24, 2003 Texas House Floor debate transcript - Goodman's motion to reconsider SB 1413
May 19, 2003 Conroe Courier
- Two Texas slaughterhouses that provide the horse steaks some Europeans call "health food" and Japanese consumers consider a delicacy are now fighting to keep their doors open.
May 16, 2003 Scheduling Order
  Beltex & Dallas Crown v. Tim Curry
May 13, 2003
Horse Nonsense 
May 12, 2003 Environment News Service
Texas Considers Slaughter of Horses for Dinner
May 10, 2003 Carol Chapman's Speech
delivered at Houston Candlelight Vigil
May 9, 2003 Marble Falls, Tx Highlander Newspaper
House bill promotes using horse meat for human consumption in Texas
May 9, 2003 The Observer 
  Texas Horses Served on a Platter to Wealthy French Diners
May 9, 2003 Dallas News, AP
Opponents to horse slaughtering bill rally outside Capitol
May 9, 2003 Dallas News AP  Highlights Friday from the Texas Legislature
May 9, 2003 Jerry Finch's Speech
delivered at Rally to Save the Horses and Stop HB 1324

May 9, 2003 Mary Nash's Speech
delivered at Rally to Save the Horses and Stop HB 1324
May 9, 2003 Thoroughbred Retirement Fnd. Press Release
:  Survey Shows Texans Strongly Oppose Horse Slaughter
May 9, 2003  Texas Statewide Voter Survey on Horse Slaughtering, Mason-Dixon Polling & Research MSWord format  PDF format
May 8, 2003  Houston Billboard
: Kill HB 1324 - Not the Horses
May 8, 2003 News8Austin
, Senate committee to hear horse slaughterhouse bill
May 6, 2003 Horse Magazine, Texas Legislature Tackles Horse Meat Debate
May 5, 2003 American Association of Equine Practitioners Position
on slaughter
May 5, 2003 American Quarterhorse Association Position
on slaughter
May 4, 2003 Washington Post
, Texas Horse Slaughterhouses Seek to Continue Equine Dining
May 3, 2003 Flyer for Texas Rally to Save the Horses
, Friday, May 9, 11:00 am, Steps of Capitol, Austin
May 2, 2003 Houston Channel 11  Up Close:
The business of slaughtering horses Text
May 1, 2003 Conversation between Mary Nash and Dr. Steve Hicks
May, 2003 Humane Society of the United States Texas: Stop the Slaughter of Horses for Meat
April 30, 2003 Horse Slaughter and Transport Fact Sheet
, Laney M. Vazquez, Baker & Hostetler, LLP
April 29, 2003 Action Alert to Defeat HB 1324from Texas Humane Legislative Network
April 28, 2003 Christian Science Monitor
, Horse-meat sales stir Texas controversy by
April 27, 2003
  Vantressa Brown: Horse Meat?
April 25, 2003
Bill allowing continuation of horse slaughter passes Texas House April 25, 2003 Houston Chronicle Opinions, Julie Caramante
April 24, 2003  Dallas Morning News 
House OKs 'stable to table' bill  by George Kuempel
April 23, 2003 News 8 Austin
,  Horse Slaughter Plants
April 23, 2003  Texas House of Representatives
- how they voted on HB 1324
April 23, 2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram 
Horse slaughter plant to stay open, ruling says  by Barry Shlachter
April 23, 2003 Houston Chronicle
  House OKs sales of horse meat outside U.S. by Melissa Drosjack
April 23, 2003 Record
of Texas House Floor Proceedings & Goodman's proposed amendment
April 23, 2003 Houston Chronicle Opinions
, Patricia Sanderlin
April 22, 2003 Court Order partially granting Plaintiffs' Motion - Slaughter Plants vs. Tim Curry
April 22, 2003 Court Order
granting Walton's motion to dismiss
April 21, 2003 The Houston Chronicle
  House enters horse meat debate by Jennifer McInnis
April 19, 2003 Houston Chronicle Hoofpac Ad
April 15, 2003  American Veterinary Medical Association
  Extralabel use of phenylbutazone banned in dairy cattle
April 14, 2003 Internal Revenue Service Press Release
- IRS Criminal Investigation Brightens People’s Lives 
April 7, 2003 Court Order
rescheduling hearing
April, 2003
  New View on Slaughter by Kimberly S. Herbert, Editor
April 3, 2003 Kaufman Herald 
  Brown defends bill
April 3, 2003 Kaufman Herald   Betty Brown's letter to the editor
April 3, 2003 Kaufman Herald 
Ad from 3 Vets - Horse Slaughter is Legal in Texas
April 1, 2003 Texas Humane Legislation Network
Action Alert
March 31, 2003 Court Order
granting USDA motion to dismiss
March 29, 2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram  78th Legislature  Friday in the Legislature
March 27, 2003 Ad in Kaufman Herald
  Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption is a CRIME in Texas!   
       PDF format (better for printing)
March 25, 2003 Witness List
at Texas House Agriculture & Livestock Committee Public Hearing
March 25, 2003 Testimony excerpt of Dr. Steve Hicks, Bradford, Tx - naming organizations that support slaughter
March 25, 2003 Austin American Statesman   House to consider the fate of horse slaughterhouses   Cari Hammerstrom
March 21, 2003 Animal Legal Defense Fund
update Spring/Summer 2003 (excerpt)
March 19, 2003 Betty Brown's "talking points" paper
enclosed with her March 19, 2003 letter to Paula Bacon
March 17, 2003 Answer of Tim Curry, Tarrant County DA to Plaintiffs' Amended Complaint
March 10, 2003  Habitat for Horses Press Release
  Americans Outraged at Bill to Legalize Slaughter of Horses
March 4, 2003  Action Alert to Defeat HB 1324
from Texas Humane Legislative Network
February 28, 2003 List of Bloody Betty Brown's campaign contributors
pulled from Texas Ethics Commission website on 2/28/03
February 28, 2003 Northern Star
  Cavel owners plan to rebuild  Plant’s future was in limbo since Easter morning fire
February 26, 2003 Bloody Betty Brown's live horse slaughter bill, HB 1324

February 24, 2003 Austin American Statesman
article linking Betty Brown to questionable activities of the Texas Association of Business  Other groups mailed business lobby's voter ads -  Whether groups worked with candidates may be new issue for grand jury  by Laylan Copelin
February 13, 2003  The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
(AHSPA) H.R. 857, Cong John Sweeney (R-NY), John Spratt, Jr. (D-SC). 
February 7, 2003 Response of Ed Walton
, Kaufman County DA, to Plaintiffs' Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint
January 19, 2003 Washington Post  An Ugly Fate in an Auction Ring?  Horse Slaughter For Human Diets Debated
2002   Horse Slaughter:  Un Unnecessary Evil,  (MS Word format)    (PDF format)